Rainbow 6 Siege

Ubisoft Montréal

2018 to 2019 : UI Artist / Motion
2019 to 2021 : UI Concept Designer / Motion
2022 : UI Assistant Art Director

15 seasons shipped during 4 years with the front-end team of R6 Siege under the art direction of Alexander Karpazis.

U.I. motion design test

Gameloft Montréal

Director, U.I. concept and motion design. Visual assets were provided.

Overdrive city

Gameloft Montréal

2017 : UI Concept and Motion designer

A tycoon mobile game, i was asked to explore different U.I. styles and animations. (The 3D assets in the mockups aren’t my work, except for the last picture)

Le Croupier / Premier Casino

MKO Games / Groupe Barrière

Carte blanche to design an entire virtual casino (PC). Branding, cards, tokens, UI , 3D slots, 3D furnitures, 3D rooms.

NMA app prototype

Lancôme / MyStudioFactory

Motion design reel

Various clients

Certificate of authenticity

Personal work

Letterpress printing on 500gr pure white paper with fluorescent sides. Beautifully printed by Letterpress de Paris (France).

Suis La Lune

Topshelf Records

See also my illustrations !

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